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1. Abdicate is most often used to describe a head of state or member of a royal family voluntarily renouncing a position


2. See synonyms for Abdicate on verb (used without object), ab·di·cat·ed, ab·di·cat·ing

Abdicate, Ab

3. To renounce or relinquish a throne, right, power, claim, responsibility, or the like, especially in a formal manner: The aging founder of the firm decided to Abdicate. verb …

Aging, Abdicate

4. Abdicate renounce or relinquish, such as a right: He will Abdicate the throne to marry a commoner.; resign, quit; abandon; repudiate Not to be confused with: abrogate – to abolish or annul by formal means; to repeal; put aside; cancel; revoke; rescind; nullify: to abrogate a law arrogate – to claim presumptuously; to assume without right: arrogate

Abdicate, As, Abandon, Abrogate, Abolish, Annul, Aside, Arrogate, Assume

5. While all three words mean "to give up a position with no possibility of resuming it," Abdicate implies a giving up of sovereign power or sometimes an evading of responsibility such as that of a parent.

All, Abdicate, An, As

6. Abdicate verb (KING/QUEEN) [ I or T ] If a king or queen Abdicates, he or she makes a formal statement that he or she no longer wants to be king or queen: King Edward VIII Abdicated (the British throne) in …

Abdicate, Abdicates, Abdicated

7. Dying cells turn into zombie-like “senescent cells,” where they Abdicate their normal functions and instead pump out chemicals that further contribute to inflammation and damage

Abdicate, And

8. Abdicate - To Surrender as in our lives to the Father's Will If you provided feedback, thank you!

Abdicate, As

9. The definition of Abdicate means to formally and/or publicly give up a position of power or a responsibility, usually by choice

Abdicate, And

10. An example of Abdicate is a king choosing to no longer be king.

An, Abdicate

11. Abdicated synonyms, Abdicated pronunciation, Abdicated translation, English dictionary definition of Abdicated


12. Renounce or relinquish, such as a right: He will Abdicate the throne to marry a commoner.; resign, quit; abandon; repudiate Not to be confused with:

As, Abdicate, Abandon

13. Not to be confused with: - Abdicate from Marshalltown, Iowa (Progressive Death/Doom Metal)


14. Abdicate (v.) 1540s, "to disown, disinherit (children)," from Latin abdicatus, past participle of abdicare "to disown, disavow, reject" (specifically abdicare magistratu "renounce office"), literally "proclaim as not belonging to one," from ab "off, away from" (see ab-) + dicare "proclaim" (from PIE root *deik-"to show," also "pronounce solemnly," and see diction).

Abdicate, Abdicatus, Abdicare, As, Ab, Away, Also, And

15. Abdicate Add to list Share Sometimes someone in power might decide to give up that power and step down from his or her position

Abdicate, Add, And

16. When they do that, they Abdicate their authority, giving up all duties and perks of the job

Abdicate, Authority, All, And

17. The original meaning of the verb Abdicate came from the combination of the Latin ab- "away" and dicare "proclaim."

Abdicate, Ab, Away, And

18. Verb If a king or queen Abdicates, he or she gives up being king or queen


19. The last French king was Louis Philippe, who Abdicated in 1848.


20. What are the procedures to Abdicate? A

Are, Abdicate

21. Allowing Akihito to Abdicate would be a major change to the system, and raises a series of legal and logistical questions, ranging from laws subject to change to the emperor’s post-abdication

Allowing, Akihito, Abdicate, And, Abdication

22. [intransitive, transitive] to give up the position of being king, queen or emperor He Abdicated in favour of his son


23. Abdicate something She was forced to Abdicate the throne of Spain.


24. Inflections of ' Abdicate ' (v): (⇒ conjugate)


25. Examples of Abdicate in a sentence


26. The young prince became king after his older brother decided to Abdicate the throne

After, Abdicate

27. 🔊 Because the mother chose to Abdicate her role as a parent, her children have become the terrors of the neighborhood

Abdicate, As

28. The king was forced to Abdicate the throne


29. 2 → Abdicate (your) responsibility — abdication / ˌæbdɪˈkeɪʃ ə n / noun [countable, uncountable] → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Abdicate • By the end of the year he had Abdicated.

Abdicate, Abdication, Abdicated

30. "Today's court ruling is a strong affirmation of the City of Redmond's action to fulfill its responsibilities and not Abdicate its role to 'government-by-initiative'," he stated.

Affirmation, Action, And, Abdicate

31. Kings Abdicate, prime ministers lose elections, leaders quit, presidents step-down


32. Having been defeated by a seven nation army at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813, he was forced to Abdicate after the Six Days' Campaign and the occupation of Paris

Army, At, Abdicate, After, And

33. ‘This is the day that I officially Abdicate from my throne and pass the kingship on to my successor.’ ‘The Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, is famous for abdicating the throne to …

Abdicate, And, Abdicating

34. See 3 authoritative translations of Abdicate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Authoritative, Abdicate, And, Audio

35. Definition of Abdicate verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Abdicate, Advanced, American

36. Abdicate definition: If a king or queen Abdicates , he or she gives up being king or queen

Abdicate, Abdicates

37. Antonyms for Abdicate include embrace, accept, acknowledge, assert, assume, claim, maintain, pursue, keep and continue

Antonyms, Abdicate, Accept, Acknowledge, Assert, Assume, And

38. English verb TO Abdicate conjugated in all forms, with full audio, irregular highlighting, negative forms and contractions.

Abdicate, All, Audio, And

39. With no path for compromise, Edward informed Baldwin on December 5 that he would Abdicate


40. He will ascend the throne following the death of the Queen, but royal fans have called on the Prince of Wales to Abdicate

Ascend, Abdicate

41. TOKYO – Japan's 85-year-old Emperor Akihito ends his three-decade reign on Tuesday when he Abdicates to his son Crown Prince Naruhito.He'll be the first emperor to Abdicate in 200 years.

Akihito, Abdicates, Abdicate

42. Abdicate :- give up the throne fail to carry out duty Abdicate vs Abjure "Abdicate" is used to renounce a social position, or position of power, "Abjure" would be used to reject intellectual position, like where a person stands on a particular issue, renouncing allegiance to …

Abdicate, Abjure, Allegiance

43. Japan's Emperor Prepares To Abdicate The Throne Emperor Akihito of Japan will Abdicate Tuesday

Abdicate, Akihito

44. Dictionary entry overview: What does Abdicate mean? • Abdicate (verb) The verb Abdicate has 1 sense:


45. Give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations Familiarity information: Abdicate used as a verb is very rare.

As, And, Abdicate

46. Abdicate funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.

Abdicate, And

47. Queen Elizabeth, 94, will 'never Abdicate' despite retirement rumors, sources say: It is 'not in her DNA' A 4-day 'blockbuster weekend of celebrations' …


48. TOKYO — A day after his father became the first monarch to Abdicate the imperial throne of Japan in more than two centuries, the new emperor, Naruhito, on Wednesday received the sacred imperial

After, Abdicate

49. The last Japanese emperor to Abdicate was Emperor Kokaku in 1817


50. ‘This is the day that I officially Abdicate from my throne and pass the kingship on to my successor.’ ‘The Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, is famous for abdicating the throne to …

Abdicate, And, Abdicating

51. The erosion of asylum rights is evident here: countries sign a regional quasi-treaty to effectively Abdicate from compliance with an international treaty of a higher order, the Geneva Convention pertaining to the Status of Refugees

Asylum, Abdicate, An

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