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1. The row over Aapi representation in the administration comes as Biden has sought to rally the American people against a rise in violence and …

Aapi, Administration, As, American, Against, And

2. Aapi stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Aapi, Asian, Americans, And

3. The Aapi YPS/MSRF (Young Physicians Section/Medical Students, Residents and Fellows Section) runs under the main Aapi umbrella to give representation to them

Aapi, And

4. More than 183 national organizations, led by Asian American Pacific Islander (Aapi) community groups, have called on the White House to set aside $300 million for safety and relief programs.Why it matters: The letter of demands was delivered to President Biden and Vice President Harris during their meeting with Aapi leaders in Atlanta on Friday, days after a white gunman in …

Asian, American, Aapi, Aside, And, Atlanta, After

5. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Aapi) are an integral part of the American cultural mosaic, encompassing a wide range of diversity

Asian, Americans, And, Aapi, Are, An, American

6. Aapi communities consist of approximately 50 ethnic groups speaking over 100 languages, with connections to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian, and other Asian and Pacific Islander ancestries.

Aapi, Approximately, And, Asian, Ancestries

7. If you are interested in volunteering with Aapi MIG, please send us a message here or email us at

Are, Aapi, At

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9. Aapi Progressive Action is a nonprofit that works to empower Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, connect Aapi communities and their leaders, and …

Aapi, Action, Asian, Americans, And

10. The Asian American or Pacific Islander (Aapi) population is the most rapidly growing ethnic group in the country and is expected to increase to over 40 million individuals by 2060

Asian, American, Aapi, And

11. Aapis have helped build a strong and vibrant America

Aapis, And, America

12. Generations of Aapi individuals, families, and communities are composed of diverse and varied ethnicities, languages, and cultures, and include residents of

Aapi, And, Are

13. Stop Aapi Hate, a national group that addresses anti-Asian hate in the U.S., reacted to the shootings, writing, "The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an

Aapi, Addresses, Anti, Asian, American, Atlanta, An

14. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin; Nazma Aapi (born 1999), the stage name of Indian comedian Saloni Gaur; See also

Asian, Americans, And, American, Association, Aapi, Also

15. Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium (AapiPRC); All pages with titles containing Aapi

Asian, American, And, Aapiprc, All, Aapi

16. Although the organizations came together to launch the Stop Aapi Hate reporting center on March 19, 2020, the hashtag #StopAapiHate has more recently created a …

Although, Aapi

17. The White House Initiative on Aapis, which was established in an effort to increase Aapi participation in federal programs, has moved around under …

Aapis, An, Aapi, Around

18. The Aapi community has faced a painful history of racism that dates back to the 19th century, including the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that …

Aapi, Act

19. White House promises Aapi liaison after ultimatum from Sens

Aapi, After

20. The Aapi Online has been a collaborative process with APPIC’s partner, Liaison International, a company that specializes in Centralized Application Services

Aapi, Appic, Application

21. The content of the Aapi was created with input from APPIC-Member internship programs, APPIC-Doctoral program Associates, and doctoral psychology graduate students.

Aapi, Appic, Associates, And

22. The organization Stop Aapi Hate alone received 3,795 reports of race-targeted hate over the past year

Aapi, Alone

23. The Stop Aapi Hate coalition released a hate-crime report just hours before the targeted anti-Asian attacks by a white terrorist in Georgia on March 16.

Aapi, Anti, Asian, Attacks

24. Aapi Data is a publisher of demographic data and policy research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Aapi, And, Asian, Americans

25. The lack of Aapi representation in Biden’s top Cabinet picks became more glaring after a series of mass shootings at massage parlors in Georgia last week set off a new wave of fear among Asian Americans across the country and national calls to address Aapi discrimination

Aapi, After, At, Among, Asian, Americans, Across, And, Address

26. Stop Aapi Hate is a nonprofit social organization that runs the Stop Aapi Hate Reporting Center which tracks incidents of discrimination, hate and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Aapi) in the United States

Aapi, And, Against, Asian, Americans

27. According to new data from the activist organization Stop Aapi Hate, nearly 3,800 anti-Asian hate incidents occurred between March 2020 and …

According, Activist, Aapi, Anti, Asian, And

28. 10 hours ago · A recent report by the organization Stop Aapi Hate showed at least 3,795 reported incidents of hatred toward Asian Americans in the US in the period between March 19, 2020, and Feb

Ago, Aapi, At, Asian, Americans, And

29. This applies to New Aapi Member, new AACP Applications and Renewing Aapi and AACP memberships

Applies, Aapi, Aacp, Applications, And

30. Aapi and its members and its affiliates, suppliers, and other third parties mentioned on this site are neither responsible nor liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, those resulting from lost profits, lost data, or business interruption) arising out of or relating in any way to the site.

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31. For Aapi month, the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion joins FAPAC in highlighting the incredible achievements of Dr

Aapi, And, Achievements

32. Aapi groups have been calling for months for more representation at the Cabinet level, with the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies …

Aapi, At, Asian, American

33. Duckworth and Hirono, Democratic senators of Aapi heritage, spoke amid a rise in anti-Asian American hate incidents during the coronavirus pandemic and …

And, Aapi, Amid, Anti, Asian, American

34. A group of Asian-American authors, Instagram users and a bookseller have joined forces for the Stand Up for Aapi campaign, using the Instagram hashtag #StandUpforAapi to …

Asian, American, Authors, And, Aapi

35. The Asian American Pacific Islander (Aapi) Heritage Committee in conjunction, with the CSN Office of Inclusive Learning & Engagement, hosts cultural events; provides guidance and support for CSN’s Aapi community; collaborates with other CSN diversity committees and Aapi organizations across the Las Vegas Valley; and promotes Aapi Heritage Committee synergy and sustainability …

Asian, American, Aapi, Amp, And, Across

36. Asian American lawmakers on Friday called on President-elect Joe Biden to nominate an Asian American and Pacific Islander (Aapi) to fill one of the remaining “Secretary-level” slots as he puts

Asian, American, An, And, Aapi, As

37. Aapi CME: April: 14: TBA: TBA: Sponsored Talk: 18: Small Bowel Transplantation in Intestinal Failure Pancreas Transplantation Zenpep® - For the Treatment of EPI due to Cystic Fibrosis or Other Conditions: Speaker: Dr

Aapi, April

38. Vikraman Gunabushanam Speaker: TBA: Sponsored Talk Nestlé: May: April 30 to May 3: Aapi GLOBAL

April, Aapi

39. “The Aapi community brings a whole new spectrum of content and perspectives, which is a part of the overall worldview in understanding different cultures and ethnicities.

Aapi, And

40. Vice President Joe Biden knows that the Asian American and Pacific Islander (Aapi) community is a core chapter of the American story

Asian, American, And, Aapi

41. The Aapi Civic Engagement Fund is investing $2 million in the Shared Liberation Network, an anti-racism response network, bringing together 40 Asian American and Pacific Islander partner organizations nationwide to address hate, lift up data and stories about the impact of multiple crises, and offer tangible access points to report hate incidents and ways to help victims and communities recover.

Aapi, An, Anti, Asian, American, And, Address, About, Access

42. Welcome to Aapi! We are glad that you have decided to explore the benefits and joy that an Aapi membership offers to you, while you work hard to take care of your patients

Aapi, Are, And, An

43. We like to think of Aapi as one large extended family and are delighted to have you join our large family.

Aapi, As, And, Are

44. Aapi Women Lead's #ImReady Movement brings together Aapi women and supporters to raise visibility around #metoo in Aapi communities, violence and harassment, racial and gender discrimination, and glass ceilings

Aapi, And, Around

45. The Aapi Community Fund will benefit a growing list of organizations, including these, for their leadership in the Aapi community:


46. The Support the Aapi Community Fund aims to do just that, addressing the urgent issues that face the Aapi community as well as broader, systemic problems

Aapi, Aims, Addressing, As

47. With the donations received through the Fund, will issue grants to trusted Aapi organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in …


48. Stop Aapi Hate Reporting Site: Anti-Asianism - reporting: National: Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) General advocacy: National: APALA COVID-19 Information : COVID-19: National: APALA Racial Justice Toolkit: Anti-racism: National: Asian American Organizing Project (AAOP) General advocacy: National (MN-based) AAOP Resources for BLM

Aapi, Anti, Asianism, Asian, American, Alliance, Apala, Advocacy, Aaop

49. Aapi-2.1; NSCS-3.0; PARTI-1.0; Overview; Benefits


50. Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AapiP) 300 Frank H

Asian, Americans, Aapip

51. Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AapiP) is a national membership organization dedicated to expanding and mobilizing philanthropic and community resources for underserved Aapi communities to build a more just and equitable society

Asian, Americans, Aapip, And, Aapi

52. Aapi empowers members to be the leaders in cultural evidence-based practices in nutrition and dietetics for people of Asian or Pacific Islander origin or those interested in learning more about these cultures

Aapi, And, Asian, About

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What does AAPI mean?

Looking for the definition of AAPI? Find out what is the full meaning of AAPI on! 'Asian-American Pacific Islander' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

What is aapi in philanthropy?

Who We Are. Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) is a national membership organization dedicated to expanding and mobilizing philanthropic and community resources for underserved AAPI communities to build a more just and equitable society. Our core members include staff and trustees of foundations and other grantmaking entities...

What do AAPI immigrants do?

AAPI immigrants make great contributions to the economy, but some continue to struggle. Hailing from all over the nation and from a wide range of disciplines, Commission members represent the diverse AAPI community.

What are the two forms of AAPI?

These findings hold true for abused adolescents and non-abused adolescents. There are two forms of the AAPI-2.1: Form A and Form B. Each form has 40 items presented on a five point Likert Scale of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree and Uncertain. Traditionally Form A is offered as pretest and Form B as a posttest.

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