Use A in a sentence


A [ā, ə]








  • forming plural nouns from Greek or Latin neuter plurals corresponding to a singular in -um or -on (such as addenda, phenomena).


  • variant spelling of ad- assimilated before sc, sp, and st (as in ascend, aspire, and astringent).
Synonyms: ad- .



A (noun) · A's (plural noun) · As (plural noun) · a (noun) · as (plural noun)

  • the first letter of the alphabet.
  • denoting the first in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.


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1. A definition is - the 1st letter of the English AlphAbet

2. UsAge: In both spoken And written English A is used before words beginning with A consonAnt sound (A book), An before words beginning with A vowel sound (An Apple).Words thAt stArt with vowel letters but Are pronounced with the consonAnt sound (y) or (w) Are preceded by A: A union; A EuropeAn; A one-room ApArtment

3. The nAmes of the consonAnt letters f, h, l, m, n, r, s, And x begin with A

4. SeArch the world's informAtion, including webpAges, imAges, videos And more

5. Google hAs mAny speciAl feAtures to help you find exActly whAt you're looking for.

6. How to Type SpAnish Letters And Accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) 67.5K There Are severAl wAys to configure your keyboArd to type in the SpAnish Accented letters And upside-down punctuAtion (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) And which one you use depends on the frequency with which you need these letters.

7. It's A ’ (RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK - U+2019) chArActer which is being decoded As CP-1252 insteAd of UTF-8

8. If you check the encodings tAble, then you see thAt this chArActer is in UTF-8 composed of bytes 0xE2, 0x80 And 0x99.

9. We will never Ask you to cAll or text A phone number or shAre personAl informAtion

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13. Angstrom (Å), unit of length used chiefly in meAsuring wAvelengths of light, equAl to 10 −10 metre, or 0.1 nAnometer

14. It is nAmed for the 19th-century Swedish physicist Anders JonAs Ångström.

15. The <A> tAg defines A hyperlink, which is used to link from one pAge to Another.

16. The most importAnt Attribute of the <A> element is the href Attribute, which indicAtes the link's destinAtion.

17. By defAult, links will AppeAr As follows in All browsers: An unvisited link is …

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20. ASCII stAnds for AmericAn StAndArd Code for InformAtion InterchAnge

21. Computers cAn only understAnd numbers, so An ASCII code is the numericAl representAtion of A chArActer such As 'A' or '@' or An Action of some sort.

22. An orgAn-on-A-chip device designed by TexAs A&Amp;M reseArchers could provide A more personAlized ApproAch to Addressing the illness

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29. Visits to drudge 3/19/2021 023,253,550 pAst 24 hours 700,836,608 pAst 31 dAys 9,832,788,947 pAst yeAr

30. A letter symbols is A collection of text letter symbols ⓐ ⒜ ᾰ ḁ ἀ thAt you cAn copy And pAste on Any web or mobile App

31. Could I get A few people to explAin the difference in pronunciAtion between A, á, ã, â And à in Portuguese using English compArisons (if possible)? I cAn't seem to find A threAd or other Web site thAt Addresses them eAch cleArly

32. "A" wAs the mAin AntAgonist of the Freeform series, Pretty Little LiArs

33. "A" wAs An Anonymous AliAs who sent threAtening messAges to Alison DiLAurentis, AriA Montgomery, Spencer HAstings, HAnnA MArin, Emily Fields And, in some cAses, MonA VAnderwAAl

34. Big A is the person who stole the gAme from MonA And plAyed it from SeAson 3 to SeAson 6

35. In "GAme Over, ChArles", CeCe …

36. Jeff StArr is A professionAl web developer And book Author with over 15 yeArs of experience

37. Jeff works with WordPress every dAy, designing themes, developing plugins, And securing sites.His books include Digging Into WordPress, WordPress Themes In Depth, And The TAo of …

38. We Are updAting the lAtest version of botchAt.js (0.11.0 ) with our some customized code

39. However, we Are getting one issue, it is showing speciAl chArActer (’) insteAd of ‘ (Apostrophe) chArActer

40. It wAs working fine with previous bot

41. The French preposition à is generAlly summArized As "to, At, or in," but it hAs quite A few more meAnings And uses thAn thAt

42. For exAmple, á And à indicAte tone (rising And fAlling, respectively) in the Pinyin trAnscription of Chinese

43. In ItAliAn, à indicAtes irregulAr stress; in French, it merely distinguishes homonyms in writing (e.g

44. The HTML <A> tAg is used for creAting An A element (Also known As An "Anchor" element).

45. The A element represents A hyperlink

46. This is usuAlly A link to Another document

47. You cAn use the <A> tAg to link text or imAges

48. You cAn Also link A lArge block of content (even contAining multiple elements) if required - it's not just restricted to hyperlinking single elements.

49. Despite its diminutive size, à is A hugely importAnt French preposition And one of the most importAnt words in the French lAnguAge

50. Its meAnings And uses in French Are mAny And vAried, but At its most bAsic, à generAlly meAns 'to,' 'At' or 'in.' CompAre à …

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53. All content on this website, including dictionAry, thesAurus, literAture, geogrAphy, And other reference dAtA is for informAtionAl purposes only.

54. PrincipAles trAductions: FrAAis: EspAgnol: à, Au, Aux prép préposition: met en relAtion un nom et un Autre élément

55. Ex : "lA voiture de mA mère", "une cArte à jouer" (devAnt un lieu fixe) en prep preposición: Une términos o cláusulAs dentro de lA orAción, creAndo unA relAción pArticulAr ("el libro de JuAn", "cAminé de mi cAsA A lA tuyA").: Note: "à + le" devient "Au" devAnt un

56. A &Amp; R Auto SAles - MI At AutotrAder

57. View new, used And certified cArs And get Auto finAncing from A Sterling Heights cAr deAler

58. I'm Adding text to A very simple PHP site, And for some reAson, it's Adding An "Â" At the end of some words in the text

59. There does not seem to be A pAttern As to when it Adds it, but mAybe you

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